🧠AI Portfolio Manager

AI-Portfolio Manager

Our portfolio manager is designed to create the perfect balanced portfolio based on your strategy.

The AI System within Portfolio Manager ranks all the programmed cryptocurrencies based on analyzing millions of data every second based on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, social media and previous market behavior. The currencies will be ranked with a score ranging between 0,00% (lowest score) and 100,00% (highest score). The Portfolio Manager will, based on these scores, create a portfolio with the funds available in your wallet. You can however decide your own strategy based on the scale of the cryptocurrency itself.

Within our portfolio manager, you can select one of the following strategies:

  • Defensive + (top 10 Cryptocurrencies)

  • Defensive (top 20 Cryptocurrencies)

  • Neutral (top 50 Cryptocurrencies)

  • Offensive (top 100 Cryptocurrencies)

  • Offensive + (top 200 Cryptocurrencies)

*Top Cryptocurrencies based on Market Cap.

Depending on your strategy and the AI Scores, the Portfolio Manager will automatically buy and sell tokens. Your current portfolio will ALWAYS be visible in the App. You also can withdraw funds from the Portfolio Manager at any time. The AI System will automatically sell the percentages of the tokens based on the previous portfolio, and the funds will be available in seconds.

In this section of the app, you receive a quick summary of your assets at a glance. The green bars visually depict the percentage of your portfolio invested in each specific asset.

In the section below, you will find the most recent transactions automatically executed by the Portfolio Manager. The red bar signifies a reduction in a particular asset to facilitate the purchase of a new asset, represented by the green bar. The grey bar indicates the updated percentage of your portfolio allocated to the asset being utilized for the acquisition of the new asset.

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